Thursday, February 26, 2004

navigating through razorwire

well, im gonna get barbs till the last second. i cant pack the shakuhachi (bamboo flute) so need to post it. (its too long for the box size i chose, so's my ukulele.) he sez, 'well you sure have a lot of toys. why dont you try to master one thing and stick to it?' is there something wrong with multitasking your hobbies? m. sez just today, we have lots of toys...hurray for fun!

Wednesday, February 25, 2004

hurry home sean!

well, a break from the kris show, sean is shipping out for baghdad tomorrow. i cant believe it really, when it seems like everybody is coming home, but i know that just aint so, its just a rotation and he just happened to be on rotation number two...well dear sarah, buzz me anytime, i know what its like honey, and its not fun. and its not something to go through alone. he will be okay. got his head screwed on straight, and baghdad is actually a pretty nice place. great people, great food and weather, does get a little toasty in the summer though... its a long camping trip, but just think how great it will be when he comes home! hang in there...peace and love....

Tuesday, February 24, 2004

day 17 drawn to a close

thanks for getting a phoneline in babe. staying connected even if you are sleeping makes it just a little easier to bear... r. sez the last days are the longest and hardest... aint it the i had to be on the other side of the bloody planet, didnt i... your sleeping when im awake when im sleeping youre awake.... well, in 16 days we will wake up the same bed, set the same alarm, eat at the same table, wear the same clothes...hehehe save money on clothes! box 19 is ready and a few more things to add to number 20 and its all set! all the marbles lining up, all things are meant to be, and the best things are worth the wait. oh babe, it broke my heart to hear they sold your farm, that was such a nice place... just imagine, if you had it we would be there together, that big old beautiful barn, the spring fed pond.... well my love, its you and me now and we will find our dream home together, maybe in a bit warmer climes! hehehe... times a passing! remember doha... the time draaaaaged and then it was over! and youre home! im right behind you !!!!!!

Monday, February 23, 2004

day 18 drawing to a close

well, another 24 hours down and how many more to go... the dawn came with chilly wind and blue skies, sending the little spring peepers back into the mud for refuge. last night the rice fields were a cacophony of frogs love calls. the first night of spring in mid february! oh indiana... i long to be there but will never long for the winters! well, winter is mild in these parts, but with no central heating, only kerosene space heaters, houses so full of cracks and creaks the curtains billow on a windy night, winter has been hell here. sleeping in a hat, have to put on a down coat to go to the toilet... my sweet m. likes to keep the thermostat at 80!!! yessiree, thats for me!!! ahhh americans, we are spoiled, its true, i will never take it for granted again. a flush toilet, fresh drinkable running water in the house, a warm hallway, these are the luxuries the world longs for... but my love, i long for your tender touch, your loving words, your gentle smile and easy ways, your jokes and your pranks...never a dull moment... i will never let you live like a dog again, nor will i live like one! two crooked winged angels awaiting the life and the world, we will give our love to everyone and receive all the joys that life in love has to give. my angel, only 17 days to go!

Saturday, February 21, 2004

drunk and disorderly

hehehe... when the cats away the mice will play and other things as well. the local just walked out the door on his journey to inform relations and get those 'D' papers in the works, when m. came into the yahoo, fresh from his first day in the real world! busy boy, got himself a new camera and a play station, a new queen-sized bed ordered... and his film developed! we spent a couple hours looking at photos... the palace, the manmade lake... ahhhnold, mimi and drew... lots of shots of the guys... his space...the walls covered with pics... i wonder what kind? hehehehe.... no, not dirty ones, but all the pics i could find that i have dragged here from home. home... 19 days and counting... babe, i love you...only thinking of heart pounds at the site of you, my unconcsious mind is filled with you...watching you rest and relax got me in the mood to do the same, so here i sit in mid afternoon drinking beer and eating nachos! not my style normally. i usually wait till sundown!

countdown to heaven

should i laugh or should i cry? should i stay up all night or sleep all day? its time to come down from the intense tension, the tears and the fears... but i just cant do either, until i get myself out of the trenches! the rpg's and mortars have subsided, but if i look sideways, the small arms fire is always a threat. god babe, i hope you arent reading this, dont want you to know im still under fire...all the truces, all the treaties signed...they dont mean jack when the enemy still desires the territory. all these years the territory was free reign, and he sat on his throne, content to rule but never roam and explore... am i talking in metaphors? hardly... the straight dope... oh my love, you are there for me, it's my turn to say, 'i can't believe you stuck by me through it all'.... 20 days and counting....

Friday, February 20, 2004

movers and shippers

he's home! got in four hours early even! it hurt so bad not being there to grab him and hold him. but it will work out this way. he has one more day of demobe, all went smoothly, he gives thanks and praises to all that made it that way. to be able to just pick up the phone, dial his number, hear that velvet smooth sound wrap around my ear... the tickets are bought, the shippers come next friday, m's birthday! today is day 21. i got twenty one more days to go. then me and the cats are on the big bird that will carry us home to his waiting arms! poor babe... he has a lot of healing to do, out of the blue he mentioned watching them loading caskets when he went to germany for leave, that no one but him was saluting... i'll hold him and listen to his stories over and over. just like i did with my dear daddy... we will make a scrapbook... we will go through it all together, one little grain of sand at a time. you may heal from war but the scars remain forever...

Thursday, February 05, 2004

cloud nine and a half!

thank the cyber gods again for primitive cyber technology! we have been webcam hamming it up for the last 4 days...oh my, i dont take my clothes off, way too modest for that... but after 25 or 26 years of not seeing each other, always having major hots for each other, totally honestly truly madly in love with each other, to look into each others eyes... to laugh and joke... to cry and pain...once again i bow down to you cyber god... i make a reservation tomorrow. he will leave in a week if all goes well, which it appears it will (never EVER trust the army if you have a braincell in your body!!! grrrrrr.) if ever there were two lovers who fit together this well, thier story must be buried away, hidden from the prying eyes of the curiosity seekers and jealousymongers... if you read this, consider yourself privy to one of the greatest love stories of our time... miles and kris.... soon to be 28 days as per current orders... it just dont get any more beautiful or better....