Friday, January 27, 2006

Interesting Beginning

I am so glad to hear from C. that words fail me. I needed it so bad, and from the contents of her letter so did she. I am blessed to have her friendship, she was there for me in more ways than one and stretched out her weary hand to me again. Honestly i wasnt sure if she really wanted to hear from me again. The old man would have my head on a platter, but then he is a total whacko, i dont care if he is a genius or not. I wonder why they think they can get away with that, but they do. Nobody beats thier drum more than a whacko artist, and if they are talented and lucky enough they can keep a following. But that isnt what's on my mind. It is the way this year is starting out. I am paying attention, and its a good thing. I dont have to hide anymore, and Chi-chan's letter proved that for sure. If she isnt hiding from me, if she found the strentgh to write to me amid 24/7 turmoil, (the same shit i ran away from!) i can find the strength to do the same. She certainly has her fate secured, of her own choosing. Just like us all in the free world. I respect her for holding fast to one hell of a ride, and i guess she respects my decision to get out. But the problem i have is letting go, so lord give me the strength!

Thursday, January 05, 2006

A New Year  犬年

開けましておめでとう! It's the year of the dog, a good year to align loyalties and and have faith in them!