Saturday, October 09, 2004

back from the pale

whew! its been awhile! and here i sit at a new keyboard! didnt expect the bitch to die that fast, but it is funny, just as we get settled in, the damn storage emptied,(the ssssstorage...grrr.... that gets its own entry!) and ready to get rolling with life my computer died. congestive hard drive failure. well, with a grand of guilt money from my mother, (the first money she has ever given me as an adult and i am 44 now) we gave it all up for MY choice of machines. no, macgod, i do not love you.i curse you in fact, but the alternatives just plain suck. well, here we go, there are a million things to write about, but i will start out slow. i am still very much in shock at being free! yes my dear Y. i did feel like i was in prison more than once, but i dont fault you for not understanding, when you are born in a prison and raised there, you just dont know any better. getting out like you did i thought you got it, the freedom thing. but remember how you poo-pooed the american idea of freedom? how we were deluded about it, well shelf all the homeland security and terror bullshit, we are free! i havent been required to participate in one funeral yet! but there has been one continuous party since misery died in this litle gaijin.