Monday, February 23, 2004

day 18 drawing to a close

well, another 24 hours down and how many more to go... the dawn came with chilly wind and blue skies, sending the little spring peepers back into the mud for refuge. last night the rice fields were a cacophony of frogs love calls. the first night of spring in mid february! oh indiana... i long to be there but will never long for the winters! well, winter is mild in these parts, but with no central heating, only kerosene space heaters, houses so full of cracks and creaks the curtains billow on a windy night, winter has been hell here. sleeping in a hat, have to put on a down coat to go to the toilet... my sweet m. likes to keep the thermostat at 80!!! yessiree, thats for me!!! ahhh americans, we are spoiled, its true, i will never take it for granted again. a flush toilet, fresh drinkable running water in the house, a warm hallway, these are the luxuries the world longs for... but my love, i long for your tender touch, your loving words, your gentle smile and easy ways, your jokes and your pranks...never a dull moment... i will never let you live like a dog again, nor will i live like one! two crooked winged angels awaiting the life and the world, we will give our love to everyone and receive all the joys that life in love has to give. my angel, only 17 days to go!