Monday, June 13, 2005

tabloid world

there's no shortage of real news out there, but after all those years of news isolation, i realize fully that the tabloid news is as equally important to the people of the world, be they the object of the tabloid news or the consumer. tabloid-style coverage gives the common person a chance to see that the "rich and powerful" are just shallow schmucks like everybody else. surely it is part of human nature to common denominatorize those who stand out. but at the same time we worship these schmucks as demigods. i guess we are just beasts after all...

Saturday, June 04, 2005

working overtime...働きすぎだ!

Body getting pushed to the max lately,...! Not good on the road when you get a puker migraine but i made it out the other side by morning, Moving my favorite customer up to Michigan is a chance to do something for them before they go. Had to force myself not to get closer to thier kids cuz i can't handle the loss. Too many of them to count by coming here. Last day for them here in town is next week. boo-hoo... BUT, i need a bit of a physical break so i can try to catch up on the mental overtime. Thinking about stuff and not having the time or energy to do it are taking thier toll. a few down days would be good (if i can get over worrying funds! what a jerk!) このごろまた、仕事でがんばりすぎ、一回、お客さんの 引っ越ししながら、もどすまで苦しいへんずつになった( ホテルについてから) そのお客さんは、とてもいいfamilyで、おわかれはつらい。。。 わざわざ、したしくならないようにしたんだけど、 日本からはなれていて。。。したしいひとたちから。。。 はなれて。。。