Tuesday, February 24, 2004

day 17 drawn to a close

thanks for getting a phoneline in babe. staying connected even if you are sleeping makes it just a little easier to bear... r. sez the last days are the longest and hardest... aint it the truth...man i had to be on the other side of the bloody planet, didnt i... your sleeping when im awake when im sleeping youre awake.... well, in 16 days we will wake up the same bed, set the same alarm, eat at the same table, wear the same clothes...hehehe save money on clothes! box 19 is ready and a few more things to add to number 20 and its all set! all the marbles lining up, all things are meant to be, and the best things are worth the wait. oh babe, it broke my heart to hear they sold your farm, that was such a nice place... just imagine, if you had it we would be there together, that big old beautiful barn, the spring fed pond.... well my love, its you and me now and we will find our dream home together, maybe in a bit warmer climes! hehehe... times a passing! remember doha... the time draaaaaged and then it was over! and youre home! im right behind you !!!!!!