Saturday, April 09, 2005

the pope's shoes ヨハナパオロさまの靴

i couldnt help wonder why the holy catholic father, laid in state in and dignity for the entire world to see, had his shoes on. it would be nice to see him looking comfortable now that he has found his maker. but somehow the site of the poor man wearing shoes just didnt sit right. words fail me... パオロさま、おつかれさまでした。本当に、人間のために、 よくはたらいてくれて、 心からありがとう。 おつやに、ずっと靴がはいたまま。。。みずらかった! christianの死は,わからない。日本で、わらじを胸のうえに 乗せて、ご家族と焼き場へ行って。。。