Friday, November 28, 2003

turkey in the sand

no turkey in these parts, much less an american thanksgiving, but when i got ready for work this morning and flipped on the t.v. to see none other than that draft-dodging AWOL mutha fuckin george dubya bush in baghdad... surrounded by healthy young perky soldiers, i got my turkey. now where were all the war weary men and women who are so tired they cant afford to wait two hours in a phone line in the middle of the night if they want to use one of those "morale phones"....? much less have energy to cheer and gawk at that sorry excuse for a cafeteria worker... turkey mixed with sand is a mighty heavy hit of irritation and disgust! oh my poor m....when will they ever let you come home??!!!

Friday, November 14, 2003

diplomatic dick sucking

a rant inspired by that 'person' who has the propoganda blog chromdomezone. i thought of sending her a mail but what good would it do...the uninformed enjoy being uninformed... she said the japanese are getting 'cold cohones' and not sending troops in because they cant guarantee safety. the japanese have no 'cahones'... they were castrated by the u.s. occupational government at the end or world war 2 with a constitution that forbids war, or the participation in war. now that the bush gang has changed everything they could get thier hands on, it has been decided to make the 'defense forces' in japan participate. they shelled out billions of yen in the first gulf war at the intimidation of the first bush gang, but now that hardball is the favored sport in washington, they are being forced to somehow get around the constitution. there has been one party rule in japan since the end of the big war. they call themselves the 'liberal democratic party', which is disgustingly pititful...anything but liberal and anything but democratic. a more appropriate party name would be 'yakuza for american policy'. they are a troop of slimey fascist greedy bottom-feeding gangsters. the 'LDP' has always been and will always be the 'kaban mochi' (brown-nosing briefcase carrier) of the united states. gangster is synonomous with politics in asia, its just the way things have been done for thousands of years. fair and equal have no place in politics in this part of the world. so you over there at propaganda central can be happy to know the japanese cahones (or the scrotum that once contained them) is in the firm grip of your beloved donald 'the grim reaper' rumsfeld and prime minister junichiro koizumi is currently bending over and has that thug's dick delightfully crammed down his throat and loving every minute of it!

Wednesday, November 12, 2003

a song for heroes

i may be out of touch but i did hear about that little blonde from west virginia... well she might not have been a hero in iraq but looks like she proved to be a hero of truth! good work jessica!!! i see my pal jasmine petal often posting song lyrics, just thought i would do that too... a little ditty from a war gone by but never forgotten... LUANG PRABANG (Dave Van Ronk) When I came back from Luang Prabang I didn't have a thing where my balls used to hang But I got a wooden medal and a fine harangue Now I'm a fucking hero cho: Mourn your dead, land of the free If you wanna be a hero, follow me Mourn your dead, land of the free If you wanna be a hero, follow me And now the boys all envy me I fought for Christian democracy With nothing but air where my balls used to be Now I'm a fucking hero One and twenty cannons thundered Into the bloody pale blue yonder For a patriotic balless wonder Now I'm a fucking hero In Luang Prabang there is a spot Where the corpses of your brothers rot And every corpse is a patriot And every corpse is a hero

Tuesday, November 11, 2003

death by emotional annihilation

where do you start when the finish line is unreachable? my sister-in-law dies alone in a hotel room in athens... shit... she was so happy last week and looking forward to the trip... m's unit is fucked. working double shift duty and looking at dreary dirty camp doha as a demobe locale... he would rather stay in baghdad. he cant say it but i can... george bush and his 'axis of evil' gang have turned our beloved country into a cauldron of hate and fear. either you hate or you fear... either you attack democrats or you hide in your bedroom with 170 channels of mindless satellite tv. well, georgy peorgy... read the writing on the porta-potty wall in camp victory... they hate your fucking ass!!!!!

Thursday, November 06, 2003

protect and serve part 2

dearest zeyad, you are just a kid, but you have seen hell, you have lived through it like so many of us can never understand... no matter how much we think we do, we just cant. we live in houses with 24 hour current and water... the toilet flushes every time we command our turds away... we dont worry about death threats and kidnapping at the drop of a name, we close our eyes at night and sleep with angels, not the the threat of thugs and fundy radicals... prayers do no good to a god who inflicts suffering as a matter of course. no matter how much we try to accept suffering as our lot, our key to 'heaven'... dear god when do some of us get a fucking breather???

Monday, November 03, 2003

protect and serve

my dad spent two years in vietnam as a jet fighter mechanic. he was one of the older guys in his unit,already over 30... the guys in m.'s unit (infantry) ask him stuff like,"how does it feel to get older?" do you still have the same drive and 'staying power'?... like that is what really matters in life...lust for life is what matters, not how hard you can get it... or keep it...when my daddy came home, he went awol... yep, absent without leave... why? cuz he was an alcoholic, plain and simple... combat/war duty only exacerbated an already existing condition...guys will come home combat weary... we can not understand thier pain, thier heartache... oh my sweet m... i am so glad i could be there for you, even in just a small way to tell you how much i love you...i will spend the rest of our life together showing you how much i love and respect you, and how very much i appreciate your serving our great country... however flawed our leaders might be...

Saturday, November 01, 2003

the natives are restless

its that time of year around here, the rice is harvested, the sake has had just enough time to ferment to a drinkable degree, and what follows? festival time! roll out the drum, brush off the flutes, don your finest duds and wreak havoc! the drums have got me excited, i went up to do a bit of filming, all drunken young men with cool scarves on their heads, "come on lady, take my picture!" i took off instead, wait for the safety of daylight...