Saturday, February 21, 2004

drunk and disorderly

hehehe... when the cats away the mice will play and other things as well. the local just walked out the door on his journey to inform relations and get those 'D' papers in the works, when m. came into the yahoo, fresh from his first day in the real world! busy boy, got himself a new camera and a play station, a new queen-sized bed ordered... and his film developed! we spent a couple hours looking at photos... the palace, the manmade lake... ahhhnold, mimi and drew... lots of shots of the guys... his space...the walls covered with pics... i wonder what kind? hehehehe.... no, not dirty ones, but all the pics i could find that i have dragged here from home. home... 19 days and counting... babe, i love you...only thinking of heart pounds at the site of you, my unconcsious mind is filled with you...watching you rest and relax got me in the mood to do the same, so here i sit in mid afternoon drinking beer and eating nachos! not my style normally. i usually wait till sundown!