Friday, November 14, 2003

diplomatic dick sucking

a rant inspired by that 'person' who has the propoganda blog chromdomezone. i thought of sending her a mail but what good would it do...the uninformed enjoy being uninformed... she said the japanese are getting 'cold cohones' and not sending troops in because they cant guarantee safety. the japanese have no 'cahones'... they were castrated by the u.s. occupational government at the end or world war 2 with a constitution that forbids war, or the participation in war. now that the bush gang has changed everything they could get thier hands on, it has been decided to make the 'defense forces' in japan participate. they shelled out billions of yen in the first gulf war at the intimidation of the first bush gang, but now that hardball is the favored sport in washington, they are being forced to somehow get around the constitution. there has been one party rule in japan since the end of the big war. they call themselves the 'liberal democratic party', which is disgustingly pititful...anything but liberal and anything but democratic. a more appropriate party name would be 'yakuza for american policy'. they are a troop of slimey fascist greedy bottom-feeding gangsters. the 'LDP' has always been and will always be the 'kaban mochi' (brown-nosing briefcase carrier) of the united states. gangster is synonomous with politics in asia, its just the way things have been done for thousands of years. fair and equal have no place in politics in this part of the world. so you over there at propaganda central can be happy to know the japanese cahones (or the scrotum that once contained them) is in the firm grip of your beloved donald 'the grim reaper' rumsfeld and prime minister junichiro koizumi is currently bending over and has that thug's dick delightfully crammed down his throat and loving every minute of it!