Monday, November 28, 2005

Coming home is hard to do...

These days when i sit to write something here its like i am supposed to be positive or something. I am supposed to be happy and shit. except there seems to be so many times its shit. not resolvong and running away mad. that was dumb. I just ran i know, I knew it was dumb then, but i put myself in such a tight position from the get-go. I try to own it and then i find myself trying to own it all and thinking its not all mine and getting mad at y. all over again, i didnt want to leave him, he made me do it. he made our communication break down to the point i felt like he was an adversary, not a partner. I had to beg m. not to always take the negative bent on world problems cuz it made me feel that adversarial headbumping thing all over again. that hurt me so bad, why cant you just agrEEE with me once in awhile so i dont get too bummed out?!?! Thanks go to m., cuz most of the time he really does listen, even though i dont always listen to him:(

Friday, November 25, 2005

Thanksgiving and Remembrance

As i got the busy holiday week going helping people get their houses in order i was listening to Jerry Springer on the radio (thank god for podcasting, they would save my mental ass if i was overseas!) and he talked about November 20th is a day of remembrance for some special people. I had to think how i owe deep thanks to a very special person who inspired me more than anyone i never met while in Japan. He is a Hibakusha from Nagasaki, and well, someone who has lived through more than i ever could and came out on top. Miwasensei, thank you!

Wednesday, November 16, 2005


I got pretty used to wild weather in Japan with regular typhoons in your face every year, but I haven't adjusted very well to the weather here. It isn't easy when it goes from twisters to flurries in 12 hours!