Saturday, June 04, 2005

working overtime...働きすぎだ!

Body getting pushed to the max lately,...! Not good on the road when you get a puker migraine but i made it out the other side by morning, Moving my favorite customer up to Michigan is a chance to do something for them before they go. Had to force myself not to get closer to thier kids cuz i can't handle the loss. Too many of them to count by coming here. Last day for them here in town is next week. boo-hoo... BUT, i need a bit of a physical break so i can try to catch up on the mental overtime. Thinking about stuff and not having the time or energy to do it are taking thier toll. a few down days would be good (if i can get over worrying funds! what a jerk!) このごろまた、仕事でがんばりすぎ、一回、お客さんの 引っ越ししながら、もどすまで苦しいへんずつになった( ホテルについてから) そのお客さんは、とてもいいfamilyで、おわかれはつらい。。。 わざわざ、したしくならないようにしたんだけど、 日本からはなれていて。。。したしいひとたちから。。。 はなれて。。。