Saturday, June 06, 2009

A fresh breath of air

I was kinda surprised when Seabee sent me an e-mail saying she wanted to join the roller derby. I really didnt even know there was any derby anymore, but there is, and it's new and it's growing for sure! Wish I wasnt so old, I would join in a heartbeat:) Well anyway, we started going roller skating. Something I lived for when I was a little kid and teeny bop. I hadnt roller skated in 35 years! Turns out it is just as fun as it was back then, totally liberating in a big endorphin rush of cheesy disco and little kids (and some not so little anymore!) There is a whole culture of skating that has never disappeared. Wow...I think I may be able to get my apathetic ass in gear again, thanks to some pure physical fun! Roller girls rock!