Saturday, January 03, 2004

comic relief (?)

so geek weekend had me crawling the alleyways of akihabara. i found one of those dancing saddam dolls and filmed a bit of it. darned if the nasty bastard didnt somehow slip through the cracks and got deleted before i managed to download it. so i sent k. out to try to find one and just buy the thing, send it home and call it a 'keepsake' of war. he dances to an awful arab disco pop song. so k. goes in search of one, and gets hairy eyeballed any number of times. and wouldnt you know, the damn bastard has escaped again!!! he couldnt find one! but one 'dancing doll' he did find, was jesus and the devil. and when you turn it on they start punching it out!!! only in japan man... by the way, what is happening to the real saddam anyway? has he just fallen through the cracks? did they ship him to cuba? or is he living the high life at cpa HQ???? is he the jerk that ripped off a pc in m's barracks so the entire unit has lost access now? all those guys who had a chance to chat with thier ladies after an entire year??? well, if the back to back deployment stop loss crap goes through, mexico, here we come! (canada is toooo cold!) se habla espanol?