Thursday, January 29, 2004

cloud 10

yeah!!! i cant say cloud nine till i am in his arms, but we are in the final stretch!!! the final days of phase three! when he was in germany he sed the code word if they make him stay the absolute longest would be 'phase three'. well, he is out of baghdad! i cant believe it. what a long year. the longest of my life. i have never cried so much in my life. nor worried so much. and now its over!!! he's in kuwait, chillin with some paperbacks and his gameboy, drinking lattes and counting the final days. man, i just dont know how to describe the relief! so j. asks me when are you leaving? and i sed the first week of march if i can get a reservation. and she sez, well then, how about march 4th as in 'march forth' into a new life? what a genius! thanks sweet one! so i checked the calendar, i need to leave on a weekday so i can get a cheaper ticket, and sure enough, that's a weekday. and it just so happens to be a thursday. i was born on a thursday! couldnt ask for better timing on that one! now lets see if i can score a ticket! and pray that the army doesnt give his unit one final snafu just to top off all the other wicked shafts they got hit with. so i wont be kris in izu much longer, its back to where i came from, krisinindiana!!!