Thursday, October 16, 2003


i got away for a few days. up to the big t. town. what a place. if a thing exists, surely it can be found in tokyo. we wandered everywhere. guypal "alien" took me through a sample of his wanderings. now he has been around, this alien. he took me through the labyrinth of electronic geekdom, akihabara, where the electronic stores are interspersed with that wierd kiddy porn manga shit. a honeycomb of cubby holes selling every part known to man. we were on a mission. to find batteries for the palace floor elephant. the one m. found in baghdad. it takes two watch batteries to run. it turned out to be a flashing light, from green to red...not a weapon of mass destruction... surely one of saddam's concubine's bauble. we drank kilkenny ale at an english pub and got totally ripped, danced and had a too good time. walked home in the misty rain screaming at the top of our lungs. alien tried accosting a cop car... (public drunkeness is a national pastime here) next day we cruised a real live bowery. bums lying and shitting in the street, public drunkeness at 9:00am, boarded up shops... some shop owners tie old bikes together and put them in front of thier shops to keep the drunks from camping in front of thier stores. there are welfare-looking offices that have cutesy names like, "hellowork", but nobodys working. rows upon rows of flop houses. some guy walked by and said, "get the hell outta here! youre breaking the law being here!" some friends are true blue and alien, you are one of them. you gave me what i needed more than anything in the world with impeccable timing. you always have. you ruined my life turning me into a geek and i thank you from the bottom of my heart! i was more than ready to sign up, no need to draft me. needless to say it was r&r for this creature. i cant wait for the next chance. just keep me away from that kilkenny's!