Friday, September 26, 2003

a short break

ah... he has a day off today, playing with drew carry perhaps? i sure hope so. a break for him means a break for me, at least in the worry department. now if i could just get the pain out of my twisted neck, get my monthly visitor to come visit, and get my man out of baghdad for good, life might start to improve! thanks doctor j! the frozen bean bag is working wonders! you are an angel dear one, we will make it together, it was truly a week to forget, eh? one thing i will never forget is you have been there for me! on a mundane note, i was on my way to the post office and walked past a big room stacked with macs! i just about fell down! its not a recycle shop or even a repair shop really, just a guy doing web design and happened to have the door open. in this billgatesglutted wasteland it was a real ray of sunshine! i will hafta stop by and macgush with him sometimes.