Wednesday, September 24, 2003

whining in the dark

he sez he will never complain again about anything after this shit. you and me both babe. it is amazing how suffering either makes you or breaks you. but in the meantime, i am a whining, i am a crying, a total wreck in the dark. nobody can hear me tho. cuz remember, i am the one people depend on to be happy girl. hey! here comes that genki gaijin! she dances in the classroom, hangs with the boys in the hall between class. and i gotta start a new school next week! start all over again. what kind of jerk stick in the mud will i have to work with? i was warned he was a 'serious' type... ugh... well, we will see how easy it is to break that mold. already in my mask as the asshole buster. the current school was a lost cause. i never even tried. mr. boredom is too busy being a jerk to respond. oh well, you do what you can to bring some joy in the world, i had fun with kids a bit. now, if they let me do the electives like the first school, the next 8 weeks will be relatively painless. ha! we made a movie!!! 'killer attack'... they wanted to bump off a teacher! i sed i would get bumped off the payroll if i let them go that far. but god it was fun! i am so used to playing the role, i almost forgot how miserable i am for a minute there! i need a spliff. a big one, 5 feet long... pssssssssssssst....aaaahghhhh.... we will break that water pipe from baghdad in together babe!