Monday, October 06, 2003

blogged down

when you stick your finger in a light socket you can expect to get shocked. how high the voltage will go is a hard call when you cant see the juice. but it peaks and wanes... so he knows the whole truth. i am a terrible liar, i got the whole shebang in the advice department, say nothing... tell all... so if you say nothing, it drags out in a long procession of cancerous uncertainty, or you spill the beans and let the amputation begin with the proper anaesthesia. i prefer amputation. is it a preference? more like a 'cut to the chase' tendency. letters are backing up. have to get in and pick up the juicy military bits, and he sent another charm! a golden stallion! found in a kuwait shop while waiting for transport back to baghdad. my stallion..longing for your wild ride!