Friday, June 25, 2004

peace at home

we had our party! it was good, i dont remember much, i guess you never do, or you remember what you didnt do... the great thing was the almost total lack of stress. it was a day we planned since last summer, even lightening knocking out the power wasnt gonna put a damper on the day! speaking of, man, i missed those midwestern summer days and nights of boom boom and flash! looks like ol' mom nature is making up for lost time this year! lets hope she shines on our much anticipated honeymoon camping trip but it has been one long honeymoon since the day i stepped off the plane. i had a few wierd-out sessions, overcome with emotion/chick shit, but there he was, 'i dont know what to do. just tell me how to make you feel better babe'... he is no poser, everything he said about himself is the facts plain and simple. no, he doesnt have 'moods'... peace and love prevail...thank you babe!