Saturday, December 13, 2003

its official(?)

he sez he is coming home!!! its official... but a date? a plan? nothing! the net is so unreliable... 30 minutes to load one page??? and the people using it for work cant get thier work accomplished! well. it looks like i wont be hearing from m. for a while at that rate, and so many people sick or on leave they are shorthanded bigtime. he shed his skin, undoubtedly 'leishmaniasis'... you spend day after day lying in a hot dusty foxhole getting eaten up by sand fleas... one in every 70 fleas carry this disease... he sez he is better now. thank the goats or gods or whatever... i dont know whether to laugh, cry, have a party or just get drunk out of my mind to try to get thru the remaining days. s. sez to me, if he gets out, go home! fuck a bunch of work contract bullshit. she is right. either way, its official, i am out of here! what kind of withdrawal i am in for i dont rightly know but i know he will understand and we will go thru it together. he has his own re-adjustment to go thru too. we will make it tho, just a couple of troopers ready to cover each others backs no matter what!