Monday, December 08, 2003

two things that suck

there are two things that suck. porn blogs and 'anime'. i mean... get a life people! if you have no life i can understand the morbid curiosity with a twenty something shaved pussy who likes to be smacked with a wooden spoon till her ass hurts , but is that a 'blog'??? give me a break! (bugs mating would be more exciting!) K. told me humans are so base love would never win over porn... i guess so... and anime???? oh man, let me tell you... anybody with a life in Jaypan is NOT into that crap. if you go to akihabara (geek central) you can see reams of horny lonely dudes who have no life or personality salivate over middle-aged looking ugly chicks dressed like gothic whores handing out pamphlets for the most recent 'anime' release... next time i am gonna take pictures... (kris, why do you go to akihabara??? cheap parts man...)