Tuesday, December 02, 2003

on the mat

we are both down for the count. confined to quarters. he with an itchy rash that keeps getting worse and me with a scratchy throat that keeps getting worse. he was supposed to go to the hospital but undoubtedly they are too busy with shot up soldiers to have much room for stressed out ones. i mean, if he stormed the palace, shouldnt he have been one of the first men to come home to a hero's welcome and fanfare? why are they still there? why????!!!! will it be when the rumours say? when the local papers says? when? i want to know!!! i know time is short, we can technically qualify as short-timers by now, but marine girls guy is stuck in some kind of 'demobe psycho lab'... telling him dont do anything 'rash' like get married or take a nice vacation...duh.. isnt that exactly what he should be doing???!!!! m, i will chew through the bars on the windows if they lock you in some 'demobe lab' when you get back!