Thursday, October 30, 2003

autumn breezes

fallen leaves and burning fields signal the onset of autumn, the smell of kerosene in the chilly morning and stiff shoulders from the extra layers of clothes. it only looks warm around here, year round gardens are a fooler, only frost worthy veggies can survive, the houses have no insulation, no central heating... the toilet seat must have a cloth cover to keep your ass from freezing to it, unless you invest in a "warmlet", ... a heated toilet seat that feels like someone has sat there an hour before you came along. i wonder if any other country in the world boasts these products. or medicine that makes your farts smell like roses... i feel an incredulous rant coming on... save it for a rainy day! m. posts on his site of his plan for marraige, how lucky can i be? a man who gets excited at the prospect of weddings and nest building... where have you been all my life my love?!!! you sed you missed this boat, looks like our ship has returned to port! and its a lovely sailboat called the 'luvubabe' i love you babe!!!!