Friday, August 08, 2003


there is a bridge near here i go to think in the dark. it is really dark when there is no moon. the frogs do thier love chant. they inspire me, make me lonely, make me happy... salam found sean. good... this is good. fuck the suits who think they run the show! they dont 'have a clue'. they really think they are in charge. but we know different. some day salam, we will see you in a place that welcomes tourists. the pilgrims who long to worship in holy places... the black, white and brown kind who go to show thier ladies where they were and reminisce. "i bought that water pipe in that stall"... "there's where my buddy fell"... they will show us pictures and go all glassy-eyed with memories of thier hardships...and the bonds they made. damn, it is time to stop making people hate us. paranoia is very real and drives man to make rash decisions to save his own ass... i have been accused of being 'brainwashed' for having patriotic feelings, and here i am technically an expat... maybe it is time to go back...looks like the day of reckoning is drawing near...or will i end up in new zealand after all?