Thursday, August 07, 2003


i sweat my face off weed whacking for the rich asshole today. man, he aint done nuthin on his own.. rich folk, they always expect some flunky to clean up after them. oh well, he pays me so i shouldnt complain, eh? i thought i oughta get in here before the sake buzz wears off... they romanticize sentimentality to the extremes in this place. (but what do i get ragged on the most about? going to extremes!) it is the sentimental of what you lost that is so ...oh shit... what is the english word anyway!!!?... elevated...! they elevate the stuff you dont have above the stuff you do have. isnt that like wearing your underwear backwards? well, i am sick of it. the front wedgy might get you off for a while but in the very long run it just wears a rash in the wrong place. pass me that sledgehammer so i can smash the karaoke machine!