Thursday, September 29, 2005

Lightening Strikes!

Sometimes it really does, i hadnt been out in the forest for so long even though it was an agenda i whined about quite a bit. Not the forest so much as a body of water. After living within a stones throw of the ocean for almost my whole adult life, i feel this awful gut pang to be near it. i guess it isnt the ocean so much as a body of water. i loved that lake then and i love it now. I guess it got in my blood from then. Well anyway, i got my wish, but the forces of the universe decided to get us on a trail that led away from the lake! There was a nice variety of fungi to ooh and aah over, but coming across a tree struck by lightening was pretty cool. That kind of thing always gets me thinking, i guess i do see the cup half full because i get the sense of rebirth through destruction. just trying to run with that one!