Wednesday, August 27, 2003

comic relief (?)

i just had to get away from the bummer stuff. (well, this could be viewed as an incredulous bummer!) i ask a young lady i teach, "do you say i love you to your fiance?" she says, "(teeheee) of course not!(teehee)" i ask, "how about, i miss you?" (he is living in another town quite far from here in order to make enough money so they can afford to get married) she answers, "no, i dont say those things, i'm japanese." i jump to the door this morning when the post lady comes. (she has 2 letters from baghdad in her hands, yipee!!) i know her casually, small community, i taught her niece and nephew... she says, " wow, you have fantastic tits!" (huh? i am a terminal 'A' cup) she reaches out for a feel! this woman, i dont even know her name is feeling me up! she says, "are you wearing a bra?" (i'm not, maybe i should have!) and then in for another feel! and she says again, "you got great tits!" so they cant say i love you but will touch a stranger's breasts... i will never understand. east is east and west is west... go figure..