Thursday, August 21, 2003


cops and detectives in and out all morning. geez! i live out in the sticks. the surroundings are scenes of natural splendor, ocean, mountians, hot springs... a tourist area but so few of them actually come down this far. most folks are over 65, have never locked thier doors, much less imagine someone might actually come in unannounced and steal thier cash. it is a cash-based society. everybody has a stash of it in the house somewhere, usually in the desk drawer or the family alter. so this guy comes to the door yesterday. he says he needs to go behind the house to do some work. he is holding that black and yellow tape they use to cordon off stuff. he looks clean and smiles. he asks if the neighbor is home (the landlord). i could shoot myself in the foot but i say no, they are out right now. (i would never do this in my native land, we are trained.. 'stranger danger'... ask questions, never give out information...) but the landlord has a pretty regular stream of worker types coming and going, we had a lot of rain and landslides last week, so i stupidly say, "yeah sure go ahead." well, it would appear this fucker was casing the place for his break-in. jimmied the lock with a screw driver, and made off with the cash. i rent the "homestead", just next door. the landlord built himself a big fancy house with a real yard... one of the only houses around that could be called 'big and fancy'. and they are never home during the day. i wouldnt say 'serves you right', but maybe you coulda been a little more humble... surely they feel violated though. too.