Thursday, June 19, 2003

letter from baghdad!

hey! it only takes 2 months for a letter from the wartorn totally ruined country, iraq! isnt the modern world a miracle?!! a camel coulda swam here in 2 months! but it is word non the less, and jammed full of spooky info and hnnnnn good love vibes. m sez which unit he is attached to for the first time! (special forces) well the hot shit... look what you get when you crave adventure! it is a juicy story, me and m... in the throngs of being revealed as the days pass... what hath the forces of the universe conspired to create in the puny little life of isolated foreigner? talk about hankering... hankerin for more than just advertising. just when the locals ways have nearly completed the cutting of the sociological imbilical cord, a blast from the past of 25 years comes and crash lands in this cyberworld. just when you thought there was no more amerikano left. m sez mre's make your shit about the same consistency of the mre. great. washing himself and his skiveys in a ditch with a washboard. will gosh hon, you dont hafta be a soldier for that kind of adventure! but i love a man in a uniform